Over the weekend I helped my brother in law (Daniel) recover from a destroyed Home Server.  His motherboard and power supply had been destroyed by accident (be careful when you're working around an open case) :)

 his problems got me thinking - recovering from hardware failure isn't difficult with Home Server,  but odds are that you'll be a little panicked and having some tips may be useful

my best guess is that you'll be on one of the following situations

  1. you have an OEM Home Server (like the HP MediaSmart Server)
  2. you built your own Home Server and can find identical replacement hardware
  3. you built your own Home Server but cant find identical replacement hardware
  4. you dont want to replace the hardware, you just want your files back

along the way I'll explain how some of our technologies work so you better understand some of the new ideas in Windows Home Server.  if you stumble on this little blog and would like to steer what I'm yapping about feel free to post comments :)