I get a bunch of questions about Team Build and it seems that I am usually searching the web or my email to find the same set of links that I have sent before. So I thought I would create a blog post that I can send a link to. That way I can continually update the post with new information that I find.

Blogs and blog posts that I have found on Team Build.


Gautam Goenka (MSFT)

Khushboo's blog

Anutthara's WebLog

I know the answer (it's 42)

Manish Agarwal

Nagaraju Palla's WebLog


Nagaraju Palla's provides a great post on which properties and targets you can override and what order they are called in.


Web Deployment

A very common question I get revolves around deploying a website from Team Build for testing. Since Team Build is capable of running unit, web and load tests as part of a build it would make since to deploy that newly built website so you could target it.

There are a couple of different way of accomplishing this.

The first way seems to be the easy way. I haven't tried this personally but I intend to.

There is a download on MSDN that adds a web deployment project to VS2005. The description pretty much sums it up.

Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects provide additional functionality to build and deploy Web sites and Web applications in ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. This add-in includes a tool to merge the assemblies created during ASP.NET 2.0 pre-compilation, and provides a comprehensive UI within Visual Studio 2005 to manage build configurations, merging, and using pre-build and post-build tasks with MSBuild."

From: Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects

Additionally there is a TechNote written by Anutthara Bharadwaj that describes how these deployment projects work with Team Build.

The second way would entail you customizing your Team Build script with all the necessary tasks to deploy your website.

This process is described in another TechNote

Between these two resources you should be able to get up and running in short order.