Ed Glas is giving a session on the load testing features of Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers.

Delving into Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers

Day/Time: Monday, June 12 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM  Room: 104 ABC

Speaker(s): Ed Glas

Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Testers includes powerful load testing tools. Drill into the advanced load testing features to find out how to find performance and stress bugs in your applications before putting them into production. We show you how to take advantage of the advanced extensibility points in Web, unit, and load tests to build effective load tests. Find out how to model different user populations accessing your application through browsers and Web services. Learn how to identify problems using performance counter thresholds SQL profiler integration, and how to share results with your team through rich reports. In addition, we cover how to generate massive loads using Team Test Load Agents.

Track(s): Developer Tools

Session Type(s): Breakout Session

Session Level(s): 300


Edi is the Group Manager for Team System Test in Raleigh, North Carolina so if you are interested in our tools and want to give feedback he is the man to give it to.