The Obligatory First Post

The Obligatory First Post

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I joined the Visual Studio Team System Profiler team as a developer just shy of a year ago and, given that Orcas has hit Beta 1, I've decided that a blog is in order. "Wait," I hear you say, confounded, "Visual Studio has a profiler?" Indeed! This well-kept secret can be accessed through Tools → Performance Tools in (bear with me) Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers or Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite. In Orcas, the profiling tools have been moved to a more dignified and discoverable location.

If you want to learn more about the profiler, you can dig deeper with some TechNotes, ask questions on the profiler's forum, peruse the blogs of my comrades, Ian and Colin, sift through some dusty blogs I found in the attic, or stay tuned here.

I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas that you have for the profiler. I can't promise that any specific feature will get in, but I'm all ears. You can contact me through the blog or email me directy at [the alias seen in this page's URL]

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  • Will the profiler be only available in the Team Edition versions of Visual Studio?

    If yes, what about students, hobbyists and what about even professional developers who do not work in large teams to require the Team Edition version of Visual Studio?

    On other OSes and development tools, profilers come for free e.g. the GNUProf profiler.

    So, for Visual Studio users, what free or entry-level (basic) profiler tool do you suggest? Is there one available somewhere? A free profiler that people who do not require Team Edition could download and use? If not why not? What does your profiler offer more than the free GNU or other alternatives to warant purchasing Team Edition? In other words, what are your extra, new or killer features?

  • Nektar: I definitely know where you're coming from and, personally, have much respect for students and hobbyists (I was one and am one, respectively).  I will post a more detailed response here tomorrow as, unfortunately, it's a bit late here now.

  • Nektar: the profiler will continue to have the same ship vehicles as it had in 2005, namely, VSTD and VSTS.

    Rest assured that Microsoft is listening to the nonprofessional developer crowd as evidenced by the release of the VS Express SKUs as well as XNA and Popfly.  As for the profiler, I don't call the shots around here, so I can't say with authority what lies in its future with respect to packaging.

    For the non-Team SKUs, you can always use the debugger as a sampling profiler ;)  I believe we have a very strong profiler that warrants (along with the other included features, of course) purchasing the Team Editions.  Just to make my point explicit, I'll make sure to dedicate a blog post to enumerate the profiler's killer features.  You can draw your own conclusions from that.

  • Could you recommend any other good free profiler that we can use not with Team Editions of Visual Studio, e.g. with Express?

  • Nektar: Sorry, but I have to recommend using the rest of the Internet to find what you're looking for.

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