Welcome!!  Getting introductions out of the way... I'm Chris Treadaway, a Business Manager in the Developer Marketing Group at Microsoft.  I'm specifically responsible for Visual Studio retail products, most notably Visual Studio Professional, Tools for Office, Standard, and Express.  My work involves the "business side" of these products -- things such as retail boxes, marketing campaigns, product availability, pricing, registration benefits, etc.

Before joining Microsoft in January 2005, I was a founder or co-founder of three startup companies during the tech boom.  All of those companies utilized web technologies and developer tools to achieve business goals.  In my role as a business person in those companies, I was frequently confounded by Microsoft -- how it does business, pricing and licensing, product delays, etc.  Now that I've been here almost a year, it makes a lot more sense.  You deserve some answers.

I won't be taking this blog too seriously at times.  I would imagine that I'll share little tidbits of insight as I run across them -- you can be the judget on how truly insightful I am.

We'll talk again soon.