Just as I introduce myself, my role changes.

Since I started at Microsoft in January, I was a Business Manager for all of Visual Studio at retail.  Now that VS 2005 is out, I've changed roles in our team.  I'm now the Business Manager for Visual Studio Express and  Expression, the Designer Tools that we will be releasing next year.

It's a great change for me - I spent most of 2005 learning the business.  This allows me to dive deeper into entrepreneurial/incubation businesses that interest me more.  Don't get me wrong - I wasn't exactly bored learning the VS Retail business.  I just prefer businesses with eye-opening growth opportunities.

VS Express offers me that because we can really use the tool to help people develop their skills, get jobs, become more valuable to their businesses, or develop value via entrepreneurial ventures they create.  Expression offers me the opportunity to build a business at MS from scratch, in areas where the company has never competed.

So...it's time to get to work...time to innovate...time to help people realize their potential through the use of technology.  I can't wait.