Kim and I watched the season finale of both The Sopranos and Big Love last night.  What a contrast!  The Sopranos ended with the customary, predictable whimper despite leaving many story lines die or defer (think potential terrorist gun shipments, Paulie's cancer, Bobby's shot to the eye, revenge against Junior, the Russians from previous seasons, etc.).  Great writing, but it feels unfinished.  I am becoming convinced that the show is a big success not because of its great writing, but rather because its writing leaves us in the lurch on so many story lines that we come back expecting them to conclude.

As for Big Love, things really took a turn for the worse in Bill's life all of a sudden.  The story lines from the season were well maintained and now I'm dying for another season.  It's a promishing show that you really should check out if you have HBO.

Now it's on to Entourage, Deadwood, and Lucky Louie HBO fans...Entourage is one of my all-time favorite HBO shows and it's back for the summer.

ChrisT's Top 5 HBO Programs of All-Time

1) Curb Your Enthusiasm - *please* come back for Season 6, Larry
2) The Mind of the Married Man - panned, didn't last long but was a "married man" version of Sex and the City
3) Entourage - great cast, just hysterical and now in its prime
4) Arli$$ - funny at times, goofy at times but usually good for a laugh
5) The Sopranos - but if they don't close the loop on some of the story lines, I'm replacing it with Big Love

Argue with me - what belongs on my list?  I love a good fight. :-)