Alright…I have a joke for you, albeit a bad one without a punchline...but at least it starts the conversation.


A designer, a developer, and an business analyst walk into an empty yet trendy bar and order a drink.  The designer says, “what a beautiful venue to enjoy a drink!”  Meanwhile, the developer sneers at the tapas menu wondering where the pizza is and why someone would go to the effort to decorate.  “How the heck does this joint make money?” says the business analyst.


Have you ever been in this position before?  Trying to communicate with others in the workplace who are essential to success, but looking at things from entirely different perspectives?


I’ve been a business guy my entire career, and I’ve dealt with designers and creative professionals many, many times in many occasions.  Only once I met my wife – and she’d argue much later – was I able to see things from a designer’s perspective.  Let me offer a few tips to business people and designers.  If I can help one interaction J, this blog post will have been worthwhile.


Business people – scope your web sites and/or creative designs *before* the designer gets to work.  When you make last minute changes, you could be adding significant time, effort, and/or cost to the designer or design agency you are working with.  Change is inevitable, but minimize it as much as you can upfront.  Also understand that designers want to be appreciated for their creativity – they are artists after all!!


Designers – business people are not greedy, evil, or money hungry.  They just communicate directly.  You can manage your business person by understanding that he/she is under pressure to deliver profit – less cost, more revenue.  So whatever you do, don’t do things that will make your business person think he/she is being fleeced.


Everyone, a little empathy goes a long way!!!  I’d love to hear stories from you about your good/bad interactions and lessons learned along the way.