After 3 years and 2 months here in Redmond, it's time for me to get back to my roots in the entrepreneurial world.  My last day is today, March 14.

It has been very interesting to be "an entrepreneur on the inside."  I've met interesting people, visited interesting places, and had a great time talking to customers and folks in the marketplace throughout my time here.  I'll save the full-on Microsoft detox and observations about the Web industry for my new blog... I hope to see you there.

I'll also chronicle the day-to-day establishment of my new startup Notice TechnologiesNotice Technologies builds useful Facebook apps (perish the thought.)  We will also do "Bain" or "McKinsey" type business consulting for Social Media and Internet Marketing.  I intend for the Chris Treadaway blog to be the "open kimono" of our company and our efforts over the next few years.  Those of you who know me well know that I'm an open book.  I don't intend to change.

So thanks Mom, Dad, and the other two of you who read this blog regularly (just kidding... kinda).  On to the next adventure!