Christy Henriksson

Currently focused on ASP.NET WebStack performance, among other things

March, 2012

  • Christy Henriksson

    Receive-Side Scaling: Maximizing Web Server CPU

    UPDATE 1/7/2013: I recently re-ran the scenario on the original hardware and could not reproduce the RSS issue below. I found that by setting 'Number of RSS Queues' to 4 for each of the Broadcom NICs, I could get an even distribution of load across all...
  • Christy Henriksson

    Debugging W3WP Startup

    On a few occasions, I have needed to debug the startup of the IIS worker process (w3wp).  I finally decided to create a script so that I no longer need to search for the answer .  The script starts w3wp by requesting a non-existent ASPX page...
  • Christy Henriksson

    Load Balancing Your Web Server

    A recent regression in the ASP.NET performance lab prompted us to make a change to our infrastructure. Our “Hello, World” scenario showed a 23% regression in throughput and 5% decrease in %CPU.  I won’t go into the source change which triggered the...
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