So I went to register a new domain name today and before I could complete the transaction I went to a Verified by Visa page.  (


On the surface the process seems innocent enough.  Just an extra confirmation step for all online purchases to ‘make sure’ that you are in fact, you.  However, I personally object to this service and am slightly miffed that my credit card was automatically enrolled in the program.


Why?  Because in real life as in software, security annoys end users.  Security on the internet has degraded into an infinite series of name/password combos which make security nothing but an inconvenience. 


Sure I don’t want people to steal my credit card, I just know there is a better way.  This is the year 2006!  Shouldn’t we have flying cards and retinal scanners at every doorway?  Or at the very least a centralized, standard identity provider? 


It just makes me think back to this post on Channel 9 about Identity: