The Visual Studio Professional Indigo Tools team has officially started our epic journey into the Orcas product cycle!  Woot.  What makes this team and product cycle so exciting though is that we (the Indigo team) are mixing things up and trying this ‘crazy new agile jazz' (  More specifically we are using Scrum with UserStories.  (I'm actually the one who pushed the idea to the team, and will be acting as ScrumMaster.)


So far we have defined a Product Backlog of the features we would like to deliver in Orcas and “Visual Studio Orcas + 1”, and so the process now turns into a game of prioritization.  With Scrum we know our features will be shippable every 30 days.  So what order do we bring features online?  Ideally we will target the Community Technology Previews, so that we can get feedback from you as soon as possible.


I ask the question then, what would you – blog viewer slash Indigo consumer – like to see in our first CTP?  Is the final UI the most important?  Configuration of bindings?  What about being able to see how well Visual Studio can consume MSMQ services?  The Indigo feature set is absolutely gimungus so getting your feedback on how we can provide the right level of functionality is key.


Please use the Contact link above to let me know your thoughts.  I’ll forward it on to our super-PM John Stallo.


Until next time, remember: Windows Communication Foundation 4 Life!