Today you might have noticed that Soma blogged about MSDN Code Gallery, which is a website devoted to aggregating source code, snippets, and samples. Since most of us are still learning F#, getting sample code out there is key and I'm glad MSDN Code Gallery is there to help out.

I've also setup a Resource Page specifically for fslex and fsyacc samples. Both of those tools are Invaluable for language-oriented programming, and definitely well worth reading up on. You can find the samples here:

The first release is a simple four function calculator, which builds off of last week's blog post and integrates fsyacc for parsing. The net result is the ability to write simple simple expressions like "10 * 2 - 15 / 3" and get it evaluated using the order of operations.

If you have any ideas for future fslex and fsyacc samples let me know.

[Edit] I'm having some troubles with Code Galley ATM, so I've attached the source to this post. Enjoy.