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April, 2008

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About Chris Smith's completely unique view

Chris works as a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft, where he spends his time making sure F# is the most awesome programming language ever.

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    A Java to x86 compiler written in F#

    A little personal information about me, I’m currently working on a masters degree at the University of Washington. And a few weeks ago I completed taking a course in Compiler Construction , where the course project was to build a simple Java compiler...
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    Project Euler - Problem 34

    Edit 2/8/2010: Updating for recent F# language changes. In our continuing series of how to solve Project Euler problems easily with F#, we now arrive at problem 34 which is defined as: 145 is a curious number, as 1! + 4! + 5! = 1 + 24 + 120 ...
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    Sieve of Eratosthenes in F#

    If you don’t know what the Sieve of Eratosthenes is, don’t worry because a few days ago neither did I. But in short it is a very simple way to calculate prime numbers. Essentially you loop through all integers and keep a list of numbers which are known...
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    Shameless plug - we're hiring!

    As Don and Brian have mentioned, we are working towards an April Update to the F# research release as well CTP this summer and eventually integrating into the next release of Visual Studio. Things are going great on the polishing/finalizing F# front,...
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    Windows Live Writer

    So I figured I’d check out Windows Live Writer and see what all the buzz is about. Update: With a plugin I can now copy from Visual Studio, huzzah! Con – Doesn’t preserve syntax highlighting when copying from Visual Studio. Pro – With This Plug...
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