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  • Blog Post: Splitting Large Solutions

    Note: I am a Microsoft Employee, but my views are my own. (*whew* got that off my chest, and satisfied internal requirements) If you have a large solution, you may find that yourself wanting to split your solution into several parts. If your projects are not inter-connected, this works fine. Basically...
  • Blog Post: Batching Resources in MSBuild – Part 1

    Sometime after Visual Studio 2010 shipped, we received reports about an issue where when targeting .NET 3.5, customers were receiving a build error stating that the RESGEN command line was too long. The errors/warnings would look as follows: Error: The specified task executable "ResGen.exe" could...
  • Blog Post: Not the whole solution

    A common misconception I hear a lot is that MSBuild knows how to build Visual Studio solutions. Technically this is not true, while in earnest it is true. MSBuild understands enough about solution files to translate them into MSBuild project files. When MSBuild is launch, it checks the extension of...
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