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A forum for information about Microsoft Speech technologies, including the Speech API (SAPI) and the Managed Speech API.

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  • Blog Post: Display Context Menus Where The Cursor Is, Not Where the Mouse Is

    This is a little user interface rant of mine since I'm speech and keyboard-oriented. While editing text, when I say "Press Shift F Ten" or press the Application Key (to the right of the spacebar on Windows keyboards), I expect the context menu to appear at the text cursor location, since that's where...
  • Blog Post: The Desktop Is Not For Programs

    I'm constantly amazed that people think that putting shortcuts to programs on the desktop makes accessing that program "easier". For the second time in about a week, I've encountered people asking how to put shortcuts to programs on the desktop.  The desktop is ill-suited for this. To...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer, Screen Readers and Keyboard Access

    When I get around to posting a bio, you'll find out that I have a background in making technology accessibility to people with disabilities. I worked in this area for Windows 95 through Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 2.0 through 4.01. With the recent release of IE7, there have been the usual questions...
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