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A forum for information about Microsoft Speech technologies, including the Speech API (SAPI) and the Managed Speech API.

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  • Blog Post: Cool Developers STILL use Speech APIs

    My apologies that there have been no new posts on this blog for nearly a year.  Because my personal and professional lives have taken a new direction, my Microsoft blog will be closing. I highly recommend the Speech @ Microsoft blog for more up-to-date information on Microsoft’s speech technologies...
  • Blog Post: SAPI Documentation Errata: ISpRecoGrammar::SetRuleState

    There is a typo in the documentation for the ISpRecoGrammar::SetRuleState method in SAPI 5.3 .  The input parameters are listed as: HRESULT SetRuleState( LPCWSTR * pszName , void * pReserved , SPRULESTATE NewState ); This instead it should be: HRESULT SetRuleState( LPCWSTR...
  • Blog Post: Speech Content in the Windows SDK

    I'm happy to announce the availability of the RTM release of the Windows SDK. This release - the first RTM one since Vista - contains the following speech-related items: Updated : SAPI 5.3 documentation Updated : System.Speech documentation Updated : Sample source code 8 C++ projects...
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