In addition to the DirectX 12 announcement this week at the Game Developers Conference, there are also a number of sponsored sessions some of which I'll be presenting. Hope to see you there.

Update: a blog post with the details of the announcement is now available along with some videos of the related talks.


Introduction to the Xbox One Console

Getting Set-up for Development with Xbox One

What's New in Live for Xbox One

Faster, Better: An Overview of Tools and Performance for Xbox One

SmartGlass and Cross Screen Applications for Xbox One

Kinect Next: Xbox One Natural User Interaction


DirectX: Evolving Microsoft’s Graphics Platform (Video)

DirectX: Direct3D Futures

Windows and Windows phone

Your Unity Game in More Hands – How to Build for Windows and Windows Phone

Hardware vendor talks: There are a number of DirectX 11 related talks from AMD, Intel, and NVidia as well.