August, 2008

  • The Connected Information Security Group

    What is the Microsoft Anti-XSS Library?

    RV here..... My full name is Anil Kumar Venkata Revuru but people call me RV around here. I am a Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE in MSFT speak) for CISG where I am responsible for architecting security tools. In my past life at Microsoft I conducted...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    What Does ANTI-XSS Offer for HTML Sanitization?

    Hi Vineet here..... My name is Vineet Batta and in keeping with the other introductions here are a few words about myself. I have an engineering degree in Electronics & Communication and have spent quite a lot of time doing security reviews in...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    Output Encoding

    Hi Anil Chintala here.... I am a Developer on CISG team working out of the Hyderabad campus in India. I am responsible for building security software for the information security group within Microsoft IT. I have a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    Introduction to Dennis Groves

    Dennis Groves here..... Hello, my name is Dennis Groves and I am a Program Manager in the CISG (Connected Information Security Group) at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft I was a Security Consultant with IBM Security and Privacy Services. At IBM my...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    Welcome to the CISG Blog

    Mark Curphey here...... I am the Product Unit Manager (or "PUM" in MSFT speak) for the Connected Information Security Group or CISG. Welcome to our new team blog. We are a software development team of about 35 developers, program managers and...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    UTF-8 Encoding

    Hello there! My name is Andreas Fuchsberger, I am a developer in the CISG team based in Germany. I joined CISG after a short stint with Assessment, Consulting and Engineering (ACE) Team part of the InfoSec in Microsoft IT. I am a relatively new to Microsoft...
  • The Connected Information Security Group

    UX ≠ UI

    Hi Birm here..... My name is Ricardo Birmele, but people around here call me “Birm.” I am lucky enough to be the user experience (UX) guy on the CISG team. Like many of us working at Microsoft, I’m an immigrant; in my case flying into...
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