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    Massively Parallel Applications

    When discussing the evolution of software, I have spent some time discussing genetic algorithms. When trying to think 10 or 20 years into the future, these algorithms provide us with a proven way to explore a large problem domain (caused by the combinatorial...
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    Random Meetings on the New York City Subway

    When I first moved to New York City, many of my friends asked me how many famous people I have run into. While I did run in to Larry King at FAO Schwartz once, I am not aware of any other famous people that I have run into in the course of my daily wanderings...
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    Designing the User Experience

    So far, I have covered two important aspects of software design that will impact how this software will evolve into the future. A brief recap: Evolvability. When developing software, you are fighting a battle against the combinatorial mathematics that...
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