I hear about a bug now and again with Compatibility Administrator [CompatAdmin]. It always surprises me when I hear about the bug, because you can only hit it if you are trying to do something that there is no point in doing (which is why we never caught it before).

Here's how you reproduce the bug.

In CompatAdmin, expand the System Database, then expand Applications. Pick an application at random, right click, and select copy. Now, go to a custom shim database, and paste this application and its shims. When you go to compile the shim database (which happens when you save it), you get this really weird error:

Compatibility Administrator
There was a problem in executing the compiler. The database could not be created successfully
The database file might be write-protected.

Now, the part about the compiler problem is correct - the suggestion that it may be write protection is not. So, we could do better with the error message, and we could also not give it in the first place. So, we have a bug filed against it. But here's the point.

You never need to manually apply shims from the system shim database. They are already there. They are already applied. We have 5,646 application entries sitting there waiting for you to install the application. As soon as we find the matching information, we start shimming - with no action required by you. We haven't just given you a collection of known fixes to discover and re-use, we've just outright fixed them.

Because, hey, when you go to run Barbie Pet Rescue, we don't want you to have to go fumbling around with CompatAdmin. We want to get you rescuing pets as quickly as possible.