About a month ago (can you tell I'm a little behind?) we launched the Windows Client TechCenter. My little corner of the site (which is technically at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/aa905066.aspx but it's easier to remember http://technet.com/appcompat or http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/appcompat/default.aspx) dives in to application compatibility and UAC.

There are two things I've been hearing a lot from customers lately. The first is that we need to focus more on the process, providing project plans and making it easier to get started while helping people feel more confident that they haven't missed something along the way. That's a long-term project I'm working on - I presented an overview of our current best practices thinking at both MMS and TechEd this year. The second is to organize all of the knowledge that we have. I remember when we used to struggle just to make knowledge available. Now, we have so much knowledge available, it's hard to find the information which you need.

The TechCenter is my first attempt at helping with the second item. I included key resources and overview materials, and then split out deeper dive materials by role: Project Managers, Testers, Debuggers, and Developers. Within each role, I have attempted to find the best documents (most of which include links for further reading if you find something which strikes a chord in you).

I welcome any feedback - have we hit the right roles? Have we given enough information per role? Collecting knowledge is the easy part - indexing it is harder. It's not quite an end to end learning plan, but I hope it's a valuable first step which we can evolve and continue to make better!