It seems like just yesterday I was posting about ACT 5.0.2 being released, but we just released ACT 5.0.3.

Application Compatibility Toolkit v5 logo

Now, I've had a couple of people confused about the version numbers we talk about, and what they actually see. For, rather unfortunately, you didn't see 5.0.2 anywhere in the last one, nor will you see 5.0.3 in the new one. Why don't we do you the honor of showing that in the help - about? As it turns out, we branched way back when at RTW, so the Main branch lived on, while the RTW branch was where we finished things up. As it turns out, the 5.0.1, 5.0.2, and 5.0.3 updates where all released off of the RTW branch, so 5.0.5428.x has remained the naming convention, and we have just kept incrementing the build number.

ACT 5.0.2 == 5.0.5428.1056

ACT 5.0.3 == 5.0.5428.1080

So, that being said, what's new in the 1080 release?

  • Update Compatibility Evaluator: The Update Compatibility Evaluator now supports Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 were previously supported)
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 Support: We now support Windows Internet Explorer 8. The Internet Explorer Compatibility Evaluator as well as the Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool are capable of identifying issues on websites and web applications when they are run on Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Major Bug Fixes:


  • SUA no longer crashes when the Application Verifier log entry is badly formed
  • No longer Fails to create shim database entries if the product name contains special characters
  • The CorrectFilePaths shim applied by SUA used to only fix a single path - this has been resolved and it now is applied correctly


  • The Application Compatibility Manager no longer requires elevation of user privileges to run on Windows Vista (HOORAY!!!)

It does require you to uninstall the old toolkit first, and then install the new one. The schema changed, so you'll have to upgrade your database also (warning if you've got apps or scripts crawling around in there). Hopefully it's helpful!