About a year ago, at TechEd IT Professionals 2008, Josh Hoffman and I were in a bloggers panel together talking about Windows Vista. (Windows what?) Afterwards, he came up to me and asked me if I could put together an article on application compatibility for IT Professionals someday for the magazine. Well, I sat on the idea for a while, and eventually decided to write something about managing the project, and then write a second article about shims.

Of course, before I got to writing about shims, my buddy Chris Corio approached me about writing an article on ACT, and I suggested doing a deep dive on internals for the new 5.5 release.

So, I never actually finished up that shims article, but the other two are published just in time for distribution here at TechEd 2009. You can read the online version here:


The ACT 5.5 article, in particular, addresses questions that I end up being asked all the time. What’s really going on with those agents? What data are they looking for, and how? I’ve been giving talks on some of these internals lately (most recently at MMS) and it appears as if people are excited to finally have this information in their hot little hands.

Farewell, Josh, and Godspeed. It’s been an honor working with you. (Now, of course, I have absolutely no idea how to submit that shims article when I get around to writing it, since I always just shot email to Josh directly. And so it goes.)