We shipped ACT 5.5 back in April 2009, several months before we shipped Windows 7. Helpfully (I guess) we decided to label it Windows 7 RC in the UI so you could specifically track your testing against the release candidate. We had the idea that we could update this via our web service, so that once we hit RTM we could just push out an update to modify this.

And apparently we forgot to turn this little bit of code on.

So, now we have a bunch of folks around the world who wonder why ACT seems to be in a beta phase and not ready for Windows 7 RTM.

Well, it is ready for Windows 7 RTM, and I bet some of you would like it to look ready. We’re really sorry we can’t do that using the mechanisms we planned to use, so I figured I’d let you in on the secret to the planned update.

We were going to update 2 fields in the database.

So, if you want your ACT UI to look ready for the future present, you can run this bit of SQL:

SET osName='Windows 7'
WHERE osName='Windows 7 RC'
SET osName='Windows Server 2008 R2'
WHERE osName='Windows Server 2008 R2 RC'

Enjoy, and sorry for the inconvenience.