It’s been a long road to get here, but the checklist is now complete. Vendor data for Windows 7 application compatibility, previously available on the web and as a downloadable Excel sheet, is finally integrated into ACT 5.5!

Here is some information on this data, courtesy of the team:

How many applications do we have data for?

We have data for around 7,000 applications. What is interesting is that there is more work than just 7,000 – each application may map to more than one app ID, and in fact we have data for around 38,000 distinct AppIDs. (Incidentally, if you don’t see data for an application in ACT but it’s on the web, this could be caused by repackaging, by interim releases we are unaware of, or a number of other things. AppIDs are very literal and require perfect fidelity input to deliver comprehensive output.)

How frequently will this data be updated?

Initially, ever 2 weeks, so make sure you sync ever so often to see the latest data. As the vendor input tapers off, we may reduce this in the future.

Will the data have complete parity with the compatibility center?

It’s the same back end, but since we use different AppIDs we have to use heuristics to match between the different AppID schemes. Heuristics, by definition, can be imperfect. Add to this the potential issues above (repackaging, lesser known versions) and this would explain any delta in the data. We’re constantly reviewing our heuristics and improving them, plus we have long term plans to consolidate on a single AppID scheme.

Will I see compatibility status for 64-bit applications?

Today, it’s just 32-bit status, as that is what ACT 5.5 supports. ACT 6.0 will support 64-bit Windows and include 64-bit compatibility status. It should be released later this year.

Congratulations to the team for achieving this long-awaited milestone! I know I have already synced up my database.