With relatively little fanfare (in other words, with no fanfare that I am aware of) we released an update to the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6. One of these was the fact that a piece of the StockViewer app wasn’t working, which was pointed out to me by somebody attending one of my workshops. It turns out that somebody had “helpfully” renamed the app in the call to launch the process, but hadn’t renamed the actual binary, which just led to a file not found. (This was in “Tools / Show me a Star”.) There are a few other bug fixes included in this release, but no new features.

Updated 30-Aug-2010

Someone asked for the specific changes in this release. The fixes are:

  • Fixes an issue where deployment status can be lost after an upgrade
  • Fixes the issue where Stock Viewer’s “Show me a Star” demo does not launch
  • Fixes an issue where you can see timeout errors with large databases on sync
  • Removes the need for ALTER permissions on the database to sync with the web service
  • Updates the help file to remove content on the Setup Analysis Tool (which we removed in the original release of ACT 5.6)
  • Updates the online whitepapers to reflect changes made in the CHM