For those of you attending TechEd Australia, if you are interested in application compatibility, there are two sessions you won’t want to miss tomorrow (September 1, 2011):

Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues with Windows Internet Explorer 9

When your website doesn’t work with a new browser, what do you do? In this demo-heavy session we explore the primary causes of application troubles, take a deep dive into the compatibility infrastructure in the browser, and give you helpful tips and tricks to accelerate your application compatibility troubleshooting and remediation.

Troubleshooting Application Compatibility Issues with Windows 7

In this demo-heavy session we examine a series of case studies for troubleshooting application compatibility issues with Windows 7. Using this approach, we show you more about how Windows 7 works and how to think about and resolve application compatibility problems based on real-world examples. In addition, we demonstrate the tools you would use to resolve these issues.

Fair warning: both sessions will be extremely geeky! There will likely be hot debugger action happening on the screen. You may see assembly language. But trust me, and I’ll be your guide through deeply understanding the platform, why things break, and how to get them to be not broken any more. Hope to see some of you there!

(Note that my session will have 100% more wombats in it than the typical TechEd session.)