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  • Blog Post: Enterprise Conversations on Internet Explorer Support Changes

    We recently announced our plans to change the support status for Internet Explorer. Since that time, I’ve been talking to a number of customers (at volumes ranging from rational discourse to aggravated yelling)...
  • Blog Post: The Impact to the Enterprise of Blocking Out of Date ActiveX Controls

    The push to get modern continues, and one big piece of news last week was our announcement that we are adding functionality to block really old versions of specific ActiveX controls, particularly Java.
  • Blog Post: IE11 Enterprise Mode and Compatibility View are Additive, not Exclusive

    It’s been a busy couple of months in the world of app compat, so I’ve got a backlog of things to cover. Let’s start with an FAQ that I’ve gotten in nearly every conversation I’ve had about web app compat since April. On April 8, we introduced a feature called Enterprise Mode. This is a feature designed...
  • Blog Post: Reporting Sites Which are Incompatible with IE11

    With Internet Explorer 11, we invested a lot in improving the overall compatibility of web sites. In my experience, the single biggest change we made was to the user agent string. The IE11 user agent string no longer contains the string MSIE . This has turned out to be terrific for sites which used to...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting and Fixing Session Cookie Problems in IE11

    Another browser, another version check crisis… So, like many of my esteemed nerdly readers, I pushed “go” on upgrading to the Windows 8.1 preview the first opportunity that I had. And, naturally, the first thing I started doing was finding the broken stuff. Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long. We have...
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