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    Outlook and delivery locations...

    I was talking with a mate of mine last night about how silly it seems that you can only have one delivery location for email in Outlook. If you have multiple accounts it seems quite odd to me that you cant choose a delivery location for each account....
  • Chris Johnson

    New Zealand Oktober Boogie 2003

    Over the weekend i participated in the annual Oktober Skydiving Boggie in Dannevirke New Zealand. It was the first one run and hopefully will not be the last. We made the drive up to Dannevirk on Friday afternoon with the weather reports all indicating...
  • Chris Johnson

    Home PCs and IR

    I have been working on adding an IR remote control to my PC to control stuff. I want this as my monitor is bigger than my TV in my bedroom (sad i know) and would like to watch DVDs etc... on my home PC. So i got a remote control and an IR reciever and...
  • Chris Johnson


    No not the normal Local Area Network ... or even Wireless LANs ... i am talking about a particular meeting that occurs between gamers. I was privy to attend an invite only LAN last weekend ... and being a LAN virgin i was not sure what to expect. After...
  • Chris Johnson

    SFF PCs

    After a while of not getting around to it i invested in a Shuttle SB61G2 SFF (Small Form Factor) PC. Have to say that unless i wanted super flexibility then this is all i would ever need. Everything is onboard. Firewire, USB 2.0, SATA, 6 Channel sound...
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