I got to Seattle yesterday after spending the weekend in Perris.  Apparently there is no other reason to go to Perris other than to skydive.  I would have to agree i am sorry to say. 

The skydiving ROCKED!  Did 14 jumps in a couple of days.  Managed a bunch of coaching jumps with Fritz from the FlyBoyz (http://www.flyboyz.com) ... great fun and learnt heaps!  Perris valley skydive center is really great!  Fantastic setup ... nice planes! Super otters and a skyvan :) So nice to be jumping out of something bigger than a 182 :)  Coming from NZ where you would be lucky to get more than 4 dives in a day ... it was so nice to be able to jump whenever i wanted .. and was really only limited on the speed of packing (or the speed of your packer :) ) ... and pretty good at $20 USD per jump.