As deep as we are into the digital age ... and as often as the critics say “what else can there be” ... i am still confronted daily by the lack of intelligent use of technology.  In New Zealand internet banking is huge.  LOTS of people use it ... and i cant say i have been into a bank branch for over a year.  If there is no way of doing it on the web site i can ring up and have it done ... but there are fewer and fewer of those things.  When i lived in the UK i was astounded by the banking system and how horrible it was.  People used to have to go to the bank!  WHY!?!?!  Madness!  Anyway ... as much as i like New Zealand’s “adopt early” approach to most things ... there are still thousands of cases of relics of the past lying around ... like today ... car registration...  why on earth do i have to go to a land transport office/agency to pay for my car registration? surely i can do that if i need the sticker on the spot ... but why cant i pay over the net and have the thing sent to me?  CRAZY.

I am still confronted daily by things that are totally inefficient and a waste of my time .... so i say to all those who say “what else can there be” ... what rubbish... there are thousands of daily tasks that can be made more simple, easy and accessible with the use of clever technology.  Mr Gates’s thoughts on the technology era only just beginning (shared with loads of other people no doubt) ring true with me ... i look forward to seeing where all this goes ... and being able to pay my car registration without having to line up like a farm animal.