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    What do people subscribe to?

    I recently re-installed XP on my laptop and forgot to save my subscribed (#Reader) RSS feeds (grrrr). This lead me to wonder what feeds people to subscribe to. Some people will want this information private i guess ... but others i am sure will not mind...
  • Chris Johnson

    Tivo in NZ

    Got an email on a work email list about Tivo in New Zealand... I have been thinking about this for quite a while and would love to get one. The following page tells you all about this guys Tivo experience in NZ todo with listings etc... http://www...
  • Chris Johnson


    I am working on a project at the moment which has an app on PocketPC. We are building it on the Compact Framework ... and want to play video, flash and audio etc... in the application. However, one big thing missing from the .Net CF is the ability to...
  • Chris Johnson

    F1 here we come....

    It has been a while coming... but this Thu me and a few mates are heading off to the Aussie Formula 1 Grand Prix. Go McLaren I say. Will be VERY intesting to see how this season shapes up. We will be sitting in the Brabham stand right at the end of the...
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