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    XPrize attempt...

    This has got to be the most exciting advancement in the non-government sponsored space race. Funded by Microsoft founder Paul Allen ... first attempt tomorrow to launch and complete a 100km high MANNED sub-orbital mission...
  • Chris Johnson

    QuickTime support in windows without the player

    Just found this over on Omar Shahine's Web Log ... this is great! I have a bunch of QT movies that i have that i want to watch ... and really dislike the QT player... problem solved. ...
  • Chris Johnson

    XP SP2 RC2

    I have just completed installation of Windows XP SP2 RC2. I upgraded from RC1 very smoothly via the Windows Update Site. If you have RC1 installed and you go to the Windows update site and do a scan it will pick up that RC2 is available. Once downloaded...
  • Chris Johnson

    .Net singleton pattern multi-threading issue...

    I came across this today in some code i am reviewing ... and thought i would share it with everyone as i am sure not many people know about this... In the singleton pattern you have a static member variable that 'stores' your single instance of whatever...
  • Chris Johnson


    Unfortunatly i am not currently at home to stare in awe at this ... but apparently i took delivery of my Simon James Design Ejection Table. HOT! Cant wait to get home and see the thing!
  • Chris Johnson

    I am in Canberra, Australia!

    Over here doing some work for a customer and thought i would post a view from the top of a hill ... showing the planned city Canberra. I have not found it as boring as most have told me ... and it is really interesting being in a city that was totally...
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