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    • 0 Comments As Microsoft recently acquired this add-in to Outlook .. i thought i would give it a look and see it in action. What a GREAT tool! Searching in Outlook has never been a super fast thing to do ... but Lookout is great...
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    Saw this night before last. Laughed my head off & almost cried. Thought it was very one sided ... but i guess that is what it was designed as. I hope every American sees this movie to counter act the marketing and gloss. Although Moore is obviously...
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    Microsoft and $75 billion USD

    Most people have heard about Microsoft deciding to return $75 billion USD back to shareholders via dividends and a one off payment of $3 per share. That is pretty cool ... and i am quite proud to be working for a company who is willing to do these sorts...
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    New Smartphone 2

    To my delight when i got back to the office after my holiday a nice new i-Mate Smartphone 2 was sitting there! After having used it for a few days now i am pretty happy with it. One annoying thing is when it is docked it keeps asking if i want to use...
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    Long time no post...

    Well ... it has been a while since i last BLOGd. I have been running off around to the other side of the world (England from New Zealand) for my Grandmothers 90th birthday! Great trip ... and nice to go to the summer over there. Back to a nice 5 degrees...
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