Saw this night before last.  Laughed my head off & almost cried.  Thought it was very one sided ... but i guess that is what it was designed as.  I hope every American sees this movie to counter act the marketing and gloss.  Although Moore is obviously one sided i think it is important that everyone see just how the other side of the story goes.  Bush does very well at making himself the laughing stock of the rest of the world.  I think it is only now, after the recent reports that have come out, that even top officials in the US government now also acknowledge that the US is held in a far worse light, and is in even a more dangerous position, than it ever has been before.  I hope the people of the US take note and realise that changes are required.  I am not an American ... so unfortunately cant vote ... but i urge everyone to vote who is.

I loved it the movie ... Well done Mike.