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    Vista ReadyBoost...

    I have been using Vista for quite a while now. On the early betas I had my fair share of problems, especially since I was also running the early betas of Office at the same time. In my job I do a lot of work in Virtual PCs ... these can be memory hungry...
  • Chris Johnson

    Minimal SharePoint Master Page

    I often get asked about how to go about customising a WSS/MOSS master page. Here is the advice I give: Don't for the love of the children try to write one from scratch! You will end up pulling out your hair and banging your head against a brick wall...
  • Chris Johnson

    Moving your MySite location in MOSS

    Background: When you install MOSS (not evaluation copy) part of that process is creating a Shared Service Provider. This is essentially a set of services like User Profile store, Search, BDC, MySites etc… These services can be consumed from one or...
  • Chris Johnson

    Using SharePoint XSDs in Visual Studio

    One of the things that made SharePoint developers lose sleep and hair over was the lack of intellisense support when working with the products XML files. In WSS V3 and MOSS we will ship the corresponding XSDs. This is great news because you can use...
  • Chris Johnson

    How solution deployment has changed development with SharePoint technologies

    Background: Anyone who is familiar with development & deployment of custom solutions on SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or Windows SharePoint Services will probably agree when I say there are certain areas lacking in the end to end process. For...
  • Chris Johnson

    Same same ... but different

    Apparently the BB comes in a cool new form factor, has new navigation thingy & you can play videos. T hey are starting to look almost identical. I wonder when Solitare will be added? :) (PS: no offence intended to BB users ... just trying to be funny...
  • Chris Johnson

    Application Development on MOSS 2007 & WSS V3

    UPDATED 15-March-2007 UPDATED 16-November-2007 (Option 4 updated with steps) I have been fortunate enough to have been involved deeply with one of our early Office TAP customer's projects. TAP customers are given access to early builds and betas, along...
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