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    ISO Recorder V3 out...

    Just got word from Alex that the world famous ISO Recorder is now out for Vista! I have missed this great little utility for creating ISO images. Get it here:
  • Chris Johnson

    MOSS Search Scopes Missing in Action?

    Are you suffering from your custom search scopes not showing up in your scopes dropdown on your site? Do you add a scope and wonder why it has not turned up? Well suffer no more! For as little as a few dollars a day your ........ ahhhh you get the...
  • Chris Johnson

    Scanning directly to WSS/SPS

    Microsoft Partners never fail to amaze me with some of the coolest product add-ons out there. Today I came across this one from Dark Blue Duck ... Scanning Enabler. Allows you to scan directly into a WSS/SPS document library. Very nice, simple but effective...
  • Chris Johnson

    Wireless at 35,000 feet...

    As I write this I am seat 23F on flight SQL 286 from Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore & am connected up to the Connexion wireless internet service. I did a speed test and got ~400kbps. This is an amazing service. Being able to catch up on work...
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