Until yesterday it has been quite a while since I blogged.  Basically here is the list of things I have been up to this year:  got a new job (more on this in a moment), got married (Feb), honeymoon (Fiji 2 weeks), back to NZ for 4 weeks to pack up the house and move to the USA, 3 weeks in South America on way to USA, start new job :)  It has been a busy year so far.

So what am I now up to?  Well, my new job is as a Program Manager on the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) team -- working in the Dev Platform sub team within that.  Our team is focused on everything and anything to do with building stuff on top/beside/inside/outside of WSS.  We want to make it great experience for people building solutions on WSS.  This is not just limited to Developers, but also people that use the Web UI and SharePoint Designer.  One of my blogging team mates is Mike Ammerlan.

We are basically busy at work on the next version of WSS.  Taking all the feedback we have been given from customers, partners and other groups from within Microsoft & using that to mold and shape what we design, build & deliver in the next release.

Personally and professionally I am really interested in application development on WSS/MOSS.  I have a couple of posts on this topic already, but I really want to build these out and offer more advice in this regard.

Existing posts on this are:

Application Development on MOSS 2007 & WSS V3

Using ASP.Net user controls in your WSSV3/MOSS ASPX pages...

What do I want from you?   Your feedback, issues, ideas, concerns & suggestions on WSS as a development/solutions platform.  This will help me not only focus posts around the issues you are facing, but also incorporate suggestions into our next version of WSS.

Comment away...