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    Packin for PDC

    Its always a geeks worst nightmare packing for a conference and getting the balance of gadgets, clothes, number of bags and weight. Do you go for a gadget for every occasion?  or carry on only?  dilemma! I personally prefer the minimal approach...
  • Chris Johnson

    PDC 2008: SharePoint 2007: Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio 2008

    I hope everyone is getting as pumped as I am for the PDC next week.  So much dev geek goodness in one week … its all good! Plug for my session: SharePoint 2007 Creating SharePoint Applications with Visual Studio Thursday 8:30am Abstract:  “Learn...
  • Chris Johnson


    So i was in a meeting today and we had a remote participant.  We were using Live Meeting to do the presentation and demo.  We were in a meeting room with a Round Table … so i decided to plug it in and see what happened :) 20 seconds later the...
  • Chris Johnson

    T minus 13 days and counting

    My presentation is complete, demos are done & final fit and finish is under way.  More importantly, the first social event of the PDC calendar just got organized by AC... the SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night .  Sunday 7pm @ the Millennium...
  • Chris Johnson

    PDC 08 & SharePoint

    I am really looking forward to PDC this year.  There is an awesome lineup of very cool stuff being announced.  The best thing about PDC is it is all about developers and seriously cool geeky new stuff … and to top it off I will be presenting...
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