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  • Chris Johnson

    VS 2010 and SharePoint

    Soma posted on the new SharePoint and Visual Studio integration coming in the next release of Visual Studio. This is something I have been working...
  • Chris Johnson

    Demoing SharePoint… how do you do it?

    Ivory Tower (Redmond) to all earth bound SharePoint peeps.  I need some info on your l33t SharePoint skillz. I am doing some research into how you, as SharePoint evangelists, demo SharePoint to others.  This could be as part of a sales pitch...
  • Chris Johnson

    SharePoint Conference 2009 announced

    Vegas, SharePoint & loads of great content & people … do i need to say any more? Early bird registration is open now.  Best conference out there for under a grand USD.
  • Chris Johnson

    New job

    No I haven’t been laid off from Microsoft … and hope I don't any time soon :) I changed roles this past week.  I have joined the world famous (in SharePoint circles anyway) Technical Product Management team run by Arpan Shah .  This is the team...
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