I met up with some members of Ireland .NET Developers Alliance and Irish Developers Network at the Halo 2 launch last night. Great party - the Xbox team really know how to throw a bash - gives me something to aim for with our MSDN events! :)

Fergal, from IrishDev, has just posted a great report on the party here.

We were also joined by some of the developers from Havok, the Irish games middleware provider whose physics engine is used in Halo2. In a previous life, I was Havok's Product Manager and got to meet the Bungie team over in Seattle in the early game development/design stages - so it was particularly exciting to see the finished product with everything bouncing and colliding beautifully!

Afterwards, I was walking down Grafton Street and spotted what turned out to be a huge queue outside Game - all waiting for the store to open at midnight. Now that's dedicated! I just hope there are some left for spot prizes in upcoming events. ;)