The Irish Developer Network are having a Christmas get-together on December 16th. Christian Weyer, one of the founders of thinktecture will be visiting from Germany to discuss what went wrong with Web services over the last few years and how to live a good .NET developer life, nevertheless. There is also talk of mulled wine and Bladerunner showings, so it sounds like an excellent night! 

Title: Visual Studio .NET's Web services wizardry reconsidered: implementing your Web services the other (the right?) way.

Time: 19:00 till late
Date: Thursday, December 16, 2004
Venue: Denzille Private Cinema, 13 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2

Event Overview
Web services are all about messages - not about method calls. This talk shows the drawbacks of Web services as they are used today, resembling XML-based remote procedure calls - basically caused by code-centric wizards inside the IDE. You will learn how to think and act in a contract-first manner when developing Web services-based application architectures.

Because the interface contract is the most important piece for a communication and defines the message exchanges between parties. Experience best practices and tools, including an extension for Visual Studio .NET, that really can make your life as a Web service programmer easier. This session will try to enable a more message- and service-style view on your Web service applications. Your interoperability and integration intents will thank you, we promise.

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