Time for just one more entry this week, this time to tell you about two new types of events we are including on the MSDN tour around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The first is an MSDN Evening Briefing, entitled: "An Introduction to .NET". This is a repeat of the Dublin December Intro event, which was a great success. Some of the folks at that event recently attended a practical follow-on Hand On Lab in our offices here in Sandyford and gave some great feedback on the entire experience.

We are holding these events the night before the TechNet/MSDN Day; they would be particularly useful to anyone who hasn't attended an MSDN Day before - putting the following day's briefing on ASP.NET 2.0 in context.

Along the same vein, we are holding an ISV Breakfast Briefing on the morning before each TechNet/MSDN event. Starting at 8am with breakfast, the ISV Breakfast Briefing will give a business-level introduction to Microsoft's programs for ISVs, as well as including an overview of how ISVs in Ireland and worldwide are making money off the Microsoft platform.

Both sessions are open to all - so please do spread the word to people you know interested in learning more about working with Microsoft technologies and programs. And, even if you are relatively familiar with .NET and our ISV programs, feel free to come along and join in the meetings. They will be relatively informal, and the more the merrier! :)

Full details of the events are included below, but in the meantime - hope you all have a great weekend!

MSDN Evening Briefing: An Introduction to .NET

Audience: Developers

6:30pm: Registration & Coffee

7:00pm: Session commences

9:30pm: Session close/Reception




If you find yourself asking ‘What is .NET?’ or are wondering how (or why) to get started with web services, then this is the event for you.

We will cover:

• .NET and web services definitions and concepts (including coded examples)

• Examples of where and how .NET is being used in Ireland today

• Training resources (free and otherwise) to help you get up to speed quickly

• Information on the easiest ways to get hold of the development tools.

All attendees will be eligible for future free ‘hands-on’ technical training courses with the latest versions of Microsoft developer tools.


Choose a date and venue, and click to register:

Mon. Mar 7th – Belfast, Radisson SAS Hotel

Mon. Mar 14th – Galway , Harbour Hotel

Mon. Mar 21st – Cork , The National Software Centre (NSC)


MSDN ISV Breakfast Briefing: Working with Microsoft


Audience: Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers 

8:00am: Registration & Full Breakfast

8:30am: Session commences

9:30am: Session ends




If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and have ever wondered what Microsoft does to help ISVs in Ireland, then do join us for this breakfast briefing. You will come away with:

• An understanding of Microsoft's ISV Partner Programs.

• Examples of where and how ISVs are leveraging the .NET worldwide.

• Examples of ISVs building on the .NET platform in Ireland today.

• A list of training resources (free and otherwise) to help you get up to speed quickly.

• Information on the cheapest ways to get hold of Microsoft development tools.


Choose a date and venue, and click to register:

Tue. Mar 8th – Belfast, Radisson SAS Hotel

Tue. Mar 15th – Galway, Harbour Hotel

Tue. Mar 22nd – Cork, The Maryborough House Hotel