Just wanted to give you a heads-up on an upcoming, free event in Cork.  Sidar Ok, who is a senior .NET developer in DeCare Systems, will be speaking in Cork on Monday, 22 September at 19:00 on the topic of LINQ to SQL.

The presentation will discuss the ORM concepts in the favour of LINQ to SQL, and it aims to give a deep insight of the various benefits one can get in daily development.  There will be core coding demos throughout the event.

About Sidar: Along with his work at DeCare, Sidar is also a regular blogger and contributor to many Open Source projects and MSDN forums.  He holds an MCPD.NET, ASP.NET 3.5 Certified Specialist, and lately developed two live enterprise applications which are live now with LINQ to SQL.  He will be sharing his thoughts and experiences on this.

You can find Sidar’s blog on: http://www.sidarok.com, and specifically his posts about LINQ to SQL are here: http://sidarok.com/web/blog/content/category/linq

The event will be at the Imperial Hotel in Cork.  For more information or to register, please click here.  For further information on the Cork Microsoft User Group, visit http://www.cork.mtug.ie/.