See below for details on the latest .Net Coffee Break Show - coming up on 2nd of October!

Sidar Ok is a Senior .NET developer in Decare Systems Ireland based in Cork, and is a regular blogger and a contributor to many Open Source projects and MSDN Forums. He holds an MCPD.NET, ASP.NET 3.5 Certified Specialist, and lately developed 2 live enterprise applications who are live now with Linq to SQL. He is going to share his thought and experiences on this.

You can find his blog on


In Domain Driven Design, keeping infrastructure related concerns out of the domain is essential, and it is called Persistence Ignorance (PI). To achieve PI, the entities should be pure POCOs.


In this show Sidar will discuss these concepts, how they relate to linq to sql, and show how to achieve implementing persistence operations without having to reference persistence related code in the entities.


This will be broadcast live on Thursday 2nd of October at 11:00 (Irish

time!) This event is free but you need to register by following this link