As I just mentioned, Silverlight 2 is shipping from today. If you want to learn more - a good place to start is the next .NET Coffee break from with Tim Heuer. It's on tomorrow (Oct 15th) at 3pm Irish time. 

Here are the details from 

Tim will talk about using ADO.NET Data Services with Silverlight.


As Silverlight 2 releases more organizations will be looking at the platform for business applications.


Of course, most applications leverage some type of data in the workflow, whether that is simply presenting it or enabling users to operate (create,update,delete) on that data.

We'll take a look at how some pieces of the .NET ecosystem help enable this quickly for Silverlight developers, specifically Silverlight 2, ADO.NET Data Services and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.


This will be broadcast live on Wednesday 15th of October at 15:00 (Irish



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This event is free but you need to register by following this link