Lots of economic doom and gloom out there at the moment - but, if you want to hear some good news, come along and join us for a Start-up Networking Event on the evening of November 6th in The Four Seasons hotel in Dublin. We have some exciting news about a new program specifically designed for Start-ups (designed to give software, support and visibility to accelerate Start-up success :).

  • Where? The Four Seasons Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin
  • When? Thursday, November 6th. 6:30pm.
  • Register here

Paul Rellis (Microsoft Ireland's GM) and Cliff Reeves (GM of Microsoft's Global Emerging Business Team) will start off proceedings with some brief presentations about the new program. That will be followed by a panel discussion on how we can foster start-ups and innovation in Ireland today. The panel will be formed of local Start-ups, VCs and some reps from industry bodies.

The Digital Island Meetup schedule will then kick off - with some presentations from MoMoDublin and  Open Demo, a chance for local start-ups to show off their wares and get some feedback from the community.

It should be a great event - so if you are involved with a start-up (or even just thinking about it) - do register and come along!