So - if you were there at the launch last Thursday, you hopefully know all about the programme. But for those who weren't here is a quick overview including some of the questions we got asked on the night...

If you are interested, then check out or email the team - bizspark at microsoft dot ie.

About BizSpark

BizSpark is Microsoft’s new global program to help reduce costs for Software Start-up companies and help them grow. BizSpark gives Start-up companies with development and deployment software with no upfront costs, technical and business support and visibility on a world-wide stage.  Check out for the full details.


BizSpark in Ireland and Northern Ireland

The local Bizspark team has recruited a large number of Network Partners including Irish Software Association, Momentum NI, Irish Internet Association, Digital Media Forum. Local BizSpark members can also avail of special offers from hardware partners such as Dell (up to 29% off high-end servers), training partners such as New Horizons and BT, and hosting providers such as Blacknight, C Infinity, Digiweb, Eircom, and Hosting365. We are continuing to add new Network Partners and the most recent list is available here.


Who is eligible? 

Eligible companies will be privately-held building a software product or service, less than 3 years old with revenue of less than $1million USD. Companies are vetted and signed up by local Network Partners, who also provide business guidance and support.


How much does it cost?

The program has no upfront fee, but has a nominal USD$100 exit fee at the end of 3 years.  


What happens after the 3 years?

Well, by then we hope that you will have a very successful business - so at that stage you will have to migrate your deployment licenses to our pay-as-you-go model (Service Provider License Agreement). If you are providing software as a service, it should only be a small percentage of your datacentre costs.