For those of you who haven't seen David Chappell speak before - let me assure you - it's a real treat! I am just back from TechEd in Barcelona, where I saw him deliver some of the content included below. It's a really excellent and entertaining session and I am really delighted he has agreed to come over and visit us here in Dublin for this free half-day seminar.

 So, if you are interested in hearing about Windows Azure - this is one not to miss! The event is sure to fill up really quickly - so register here as soon as you can!


A half-day seminar by David Chappell to introduce Windows Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform): what it is and how to use it.

Cloud computing looks like the biggest change to hit our industry in many years. The advent of cheap, scalable computing power available over the Internet will affect almost everybody who works in IT. But taking advantage of this shift requires understanding this new approach and how to exploit it.

In this half-day seminar, David Chappell looks at the big picture of cloud computing, then focuses in on Microsoft’s new cloud platform technologies. The topics he’ll cover include:

  • A realistic look at cloud computing: Benefits and risks
  • The cloud context: Microsoft, Google, Amazon,, and more
  • Microsoft’s cloud platform technologies
  • Using the Microsoft cloud platform: Which technologies make sense for your applications?

The goal is to provide a framework for thinking about cloud platforms, make clear what Microsoft’s cloud platform technologies can do, then offer guidance on how to make good decisions for using them.